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In The Birth Canal
The Gateway of 11:11:11 & Beyond
A Sacred Guide for
Autumn 2011 ~ Winter 2012

By Deborah Knighton Tallarico
Aka: El’elia Jahmika Christos

The last time I wrote here the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar was just beginning. Now as I write only months later the Ninth Wave is ending on October 28th, 2011, and will have ended when most of you read this. There have been many speculations about this date and much has happened on the world stage during the last Universal Cycle of the Mayan Calendar. A lot is churning and stirring beneath the surface. There is growing economic turmoil, as well as human revolution and unrest, and at the same time there is great spiritual awakening across the planet.

Whenever I write a new article I always watch and listen for the synchronicities around me and from my inner guidance to inform my writing. I don’t know about you, but I have been feeling so much churning deeply within these days, so much inner transformation and release, at times there is a sense of uncertainty and yet a feeling of deep birthing of my greater Self. Somehow I know that this is not just personal but that it is collective.

As our Beloved Mother Gaia is in labor and readying herself for her new birth and ascension into the New Earth, so are we. We are in the process of birthing not only our Divine Selves on Earth, but also the New Earth Consciousness as well. We are still in the darkness of the birth canal, but the waters have already broken and the contractions have begun. We are clearing the vestiges of the passing and outmoded world, and are clearing our personal and collective karma as we prepare for our personal and Collective Birth.

There is still so much more to heal and transform as the outer world reflects to us every day. But let us remember that it only takes a small number of enlightened beings to tip the scales for the whole of humanity. So let us not get off track or distracted by what is going on in the outer world, rather may it inform us of what still needs love and healing within. By taking personal responsibility in this way and by bringing everything back into our own Soul for healing, back into the Heart of Love, we bring much healing to ALL beings, and we are then truly healing the “World” from the inside out. This is the nature of the Universe. As without, so within. During the inward, yin time of autumn and winter season let this be a focus for us as we prepare for the re-birth of Spring 2012 and the birthing of the New Earth.

As we move more and more into Unity Consciousness on Earth let us embrace the Universal Law of Reflection and Oneness that tells us that everything we see outside of us is a reflection of what lies within, because we are All One. As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

At this time on the planet, more and more people are truly waking up to this ancient consciousness. Many are also aware of the inequities and imbalances on the Earth and are taking back their voices and their power. Many are awakening from the deep pain of separation and duality and realizing that we have gone too far away from our inherent Oneness with each other, from our deepest Self, from the Earth and from God/Goddess All-That-Is. We are realizing that we are not separate from the Divine, as God/Goddess lives within us and WE ARE Divine Beings.

We are not separate from Mother Earth, as our bodies are a part of Her. We are not separate from each other as we all come from the same original Source Creation. We are all part of the Great Unified Field of Oneness and Love. We are interconnected with one another even if we are not always conscious of this. When one of us suffers on some level we all suffer as we are all connected in the great web of life and love. When one of us heals and evolves and raises their vibration this affects us all as we are all One. Many, many more of us are awakening to these powerful Universal Truths on the earth now!!

The many are becoming the One…..
One People.
One Earth.
One Heart.
One Spirit.
One Love.

We are alive at a most powerful time in our-story, at a most potent time in Creation! Never before has there been such opportunity for change and evolution as NOW! Remember to not get caught up in what is “failing” or falling apart as this is all a necessary transformation in the Divine Plan that is unfolding on Beloved Gaia. Please know that this is not the end of the world, but only the end of the “old world” as we have known it to be. We are truly on the precipice of a New Golden Age dawning. So much is changing and will continue to change in the Great Shift of the Ages. Do not resist. Surrender and let go….

Do not allow yourself to succumb to fear and negativity as this only creates more of the same. Release any fear and negativity from your thoughts and your being, and gently bring your focus back to your sacred intentions, to your task at hand, to all that you are in the process of creating and co-creating at this powerful time. Be mindful of your thoughts and remember that within the Universal Law of Creation, whatever you feed and nurture grows. So choose wisely what you focus on and what you nurture. Tend the garden of your sacred intentions and creations with great Love, holding the Highest Good for All Beings in your visions and prayers. Have gratitude and love for all the blessings in your life, large and small. Remember to bring yourself back into your heart, back into the present moment, back to your breath, to the Divine breath of Life, back to the heart flame deep within. Breathe into this flame and feel it grow brighter and brighter.

During this inward time of year, do whatever you can to heal the wounds and karma you are still carrying in your Soul. Consciously bringing Love, Compassion and Forgiveness to EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING!!! As this will truly bring you the healing and release you need. Love ALL the most un-loveable parts of yourself, bringing them out of hiding and back into the loving arms of the Mother, into the One Heart of All-That-Is. Forgive all past hurts, deeds, actions and wounds within your self and with others from a place of deep compassion and humility. Remember much of this is part of the great wheel of Karma your Soul has been trying to work out. You do not need to carry these burdens any longer. Set them down and let them go. You are already forgiven, you just need to know this and LET GO! Compassion, unconditional love and forgiveness will truly set you free of all that still binds you to the past. As you surrender these and open your heart to all the blessings in your life and to all the gifts within yourself much Grace will flow forth into your life.

At this time on the planet, do all you can to find and live your greatest joy, to be in a state of gratitude, to do what you love, to love the ones you’re with. Return to simplicity. Touch and feel Mother Earth. Look up to Father Sky, to the Moon, Sun and Stars. Follow the Seasons and Cycles of the Earth. Listen to the whispering messages in the wind. Hug the trees and listen from your heart for their ancient wisdom, turn to the mountains and hold the stones, as they carry some of the most ancient earth records and wisdom for you. Connect with the Divine Mother & Father, with your Guides and Ancestors. Call to the Angels, Archangels & Enlightened Ones. They are all there waiting for your heart-felt requests. Believe in them. Feel their support. Connect with your neighbors and friends. Sing from your heart. Live in Grace. Follow the Beauty Way.

Watch and listen for the messages and synchronicities all around you. Open your eyes, your ears, and your sacred heart. Receive the blessings of each moment. Focus your sacred intentions. Align your will with the Divine, with the Love of the Universe. Believe in your Higher Self and in Spirit all around you and within you to guide your way through life. And most importantly listen to your Heart!!!

Remember WHO YOU ARE!! YOU are a Divine Being.

So let your Light Grow. Let your Star Glow. Let your Love Flow. Let the Truth be told. Reach into your Heart Divine!

I share these beautiful words given to singer Denise Hagen, on the CD For Those Who Hear, as a message from Yeshua and Creation:

“If you could see what I see, you’d lose your breath for sure. You are the perfect replications and the ones that I adore. I carved you from a diamond and polished you with love. Then I sent you out beyond the veil so you might choose the love.

Oh my sweet creation your beauty makes me weep.

Oh my sweet creations the whole world’s at your feet. And one day soon you’ll see it.

If you could see what I see you’d never lose your smile.

For you walk in my own footsteps when
you walk that second mile.

These are more than words my love this is poetry Divine.

My signature is everywhere for all of life is mine.
One day you’ll see what I see and you’ll come to
realize, that every tear you ever cried I wiped
from my own eyes. I know your every feeling
and I’ve felt your every joy.…”






Deborah El’elia Knighton Tallarico, MA, LCPC, is a soul psychotherapist, spiritual counselor & crystal-sound healer, flower essence practitioner, devoted planetary priestess, ceremonialist, way-shower & a loving spiritual guide for the New Earth Consciousness, an emissary for the Golden Age. She has dedicated her life to holding a sacred & loving space to help heal & empower others during this profound transition on Earth. It is her heartfelt prayer that all beings are free of suffering, that Love permeate the hearts of ALL Beings, and that Unity & Peace be restored on Earth.

She can be reached at: 207-653-7823, moonsoul9@aol.com or www.spiritualrenaissance.com. Visit her new web-site still under construction: www.templeoftheheart.com










Deborah Knighton Tallarico, MA, LCPC, is a soul psychotherapist, spiritual counselor & crystal-sound healer, flower essence practitioner, devoted planetary priestess, way-shower & a loving spiritual guide for the New Earth Consciousness, an emissary for the Golden Age. She has dedicated her life to holding a sacred & loving space to help heal & empower others during this profound transition on Earth. It is her heartfelt prayer that all beings are free of suffering, that Love permeate the hearts of ALL Beings, and that Unity & Peace be restored on Earth. She can be reached at: 207-653-7823, moonsoul9@aol.com or www.spiritualrenaissance.com. This winter visit her new web-site: www.templeoftheheart.com


We find ourselves on the door-step of the Star Gateway of 11:11:11. A date many have been writing about and prophesizing about for years now. This is a huge portal on the earth and there are millions of people in every nook and cranny of the planet, including shamans, light-workers, healers, visionaries, world-servers, spiritual leaders, earth and star keepers, and those from all walks of life gathering this day and leading up to this sacred portal. There are small and large gatherings, ceremonies and meditations across the earth at many of the Mother Earth’s sacred sites and portals. The power of this gateway is felt by so many, especially as we feel how many of our brothers and sisters are coming together for this in Oneness after the ending of the Mayan Calendar. Many beings are being guided to do deep karmic clearing and healing work with the Earth’s Crystalline Grids and with the Earth and Star portals. It is believed that these portals will be opening on 11:11:11 and activating in alignment with Great Cosmic powers at this sacred gateway.


Many years back, a woman named Shelley Yates was in a serious car accident, where she and her four-year old son drowned and were brought back to life. During this experience she was taken to a room in the cosmos where she met with very tall and loving spiritual beings who began to guide her in how to save her and her sons lives. Her son was on life support systems for days and pronounced brain dead and these Light beings continued to guide her through this by having hundreds of people visiting her son and sending him their light and their joy. It is a miraculous story and an experience that changed Shelley’s life forever. Her son came out of this state and experiences a normal life today.

Shelley was then guided by this same group of Cosmic Beings to start a project completely guided by Love called Fire the Grid, in which there were 3 sacred dates given for gatherings focused on sharing and spreading our greatest Joy with one another. Fire the Grid III was on 7/17/ 2007, Fire the Grid II was 7/28/09 and the 3rd and final date is 11:11: 11 (2011) and is called Fire the Grid I: Become One. These Divine Beings have shared that in focusing on and radiating our Greatest Joy we will bring great healing to the Grid of our Planet, we will Fire the Grid, and will demonstrate to human beings how to come together in Unity for the common good of the whole Planet. For the Fire the Grid project Shelley has been joined by two beautiful people, Anael and Bradfield, who are wonderful spiritual musicians and who have been supporting this project over the years and whose music has been used in the gatherings.

I had the blessing and pleasure of hearing and meeting Shelley while she was in Portland this October. She is truly an inspiration and her message to the world is so simple and yet so deeply profound. According to Shelley this event is really about our intentions and us REMEMBERING our Divinity and raising our vibrations to a state of great Joy. “There are enough of us to charge every positive thought possible. Each one of these thoughts will then be inserted into the energy of the planet”…..“It is in the doing that we create our reality, so as we practice sharing with neighbours, friends and even strangers, we become high frequency creators. As each one of us resonates at the highest frequency, we will change the face of the planet. Not just spiritually but tangibly….First we dream it into being then it will appear on this earthly plane. Faith, trust, integrity and your open heart will make the dream a reality…… We have been led most graciously to a great door and we have simply to cross the threshold. All is truly in Divine right order.”

“Now we will begin the process of Becoming One. One with the Earth. One with one another. One with timeless Truths. One with the Source of Life. On November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT, we will collectively “Become One” in a manner and in numbers that will change the course of human history forever.” -Bradfield

On 11:11:11 in alignment with the Fire the Grid message, and the guidance that many, many beings have been receiving about this date, people are encouraged to gather for one hour at 11:11 AM GMT (6:11 AM EDT) to meditate or focus on your greatest joy, and to pour your positive thoughts and intentions into the Grid of our planet. Even to just be simply in your joy during this one hour time period will raise the vibration of the planet. Having millions and millions of people joined during this one hour together, and throughout the day, focused on joy and love will certainly raise the vibration of our beloved Earth and will have a positive impact and ever-lasting effect on all of humanity!

The love, joy and sense of oneness and unity we experience from the 11:11:11 Gateway, are meant to be carried with us into our lives and lived by us every day. Humanity and Mother Earth need our continued outpouring of love and all the sacred gifts we have to offer. There will continue to be many more gateways and moments of powerful transformation as we make the Great Shift of the Ages. This is a profound time on Earth and our love and our joy are so important now, as are our alignment with universal laws and truths. So, beautiful friends, as the Mayan Calendar comes to an end, as we transition through the Gateway of 11:11:11, through the powerful eclipse season coming up at the closure of this transformational year of 2011, and as we move into the powerful New Year of 2012, let us remember some simple truths. Let us remember that everything we see in the outer world is a reflection of what lies within. May this humble us and help us to have great compassion for our selves and all beings, as we remember that we are the many unified as ONE. One Earth. One People. One Heart. One Spirit. Let us also remember that what we focus on, what we feed and nurture, what we “intend” and what we “tend to” in the gardens of our Soul, in our Minds, Hearts and Spirits, creates our reality on Beloved Gaia. So may we focus much love, joy and nurturing on our sacred intentions for our lives and for the New Earth, and may these seeds grow and flourish on our beloved Mother Gaia as we move into 2012 and through the Great Shift of the Ages.

As we go through these sacred passages may you be blessed with much healing, transformation and inner peace. May you find the deep wisdom and love that lies within.

Sending much love and infinite blessings your way….
Deborah El’elia

To receive Wisdom from the Earth, and other more current writings throughout the up-coming seasons please go to www.spiritualrenaisance.com and join our E-Newsletter. This Spiritual Renaissance Newsletter will come to you at the 8 turning points of the year and at other powerful moments.

**(There are hundreds of gatherings across the earth, and you can google 11:11:11 and find gatherings near you. If you live in the local Portland, Maine area we will be having a gathering on this sacred day, please see the ad on the back page for details. To learn more about Fire the Grid and Shelley’s beautiful story please visit her web-site: http://www.firethegrid.com/eng09/FTGI-2011.htm)


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