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Birth 2012

Celebrate with us!!!

Join us as we CELEBRATE Together as One Planet Earth and ONE PEOPLE, 
moving out of fear and into Love, Joy, Happiness,
Empowerment and Oneness as we Co-Create the New Earth together.

Friday, December 21st, 2012 ~ 6am-4pm
Saturday, December 22nd, 2012 ~ 11am-4pm

Solstice & Sun-Rise Ceremony
Crystal Bowl Meditations

Primus Activation Meditation
Chanting, Music, Dance & Drumming

“Seeds of Light” Ceremony
Dances of Universal Peace

2012 Astrological & Inspirational Talks
Fire Releasing Ceremony & Labryinth Walk

PLEASE BRING: Drums, Rattles, Musical Instuments

TO REGISTER: birth2012maine@gmail.com
For Program & Up-to-Date Details please visit us at:

Friday Community Potluck: Please bring food & drinks to share!

Suggested Love Offering: $30 for Friday ~ $20 for Saturday
100% of Net goes to Local Charities
Food & Warm Clothes Drive for the Homeless Shelter ~ Please bring what you can!!

Unity of Greater Portland, 54 River Road, Windham, ME
** This is a Community Created Event **

SPONSOR: Spiritual Renaissance Center: 207-883-1081

The Sacred Intention of Birth 2012-Maine is to join together with our local and global community to open our hearts to receive the blessings of this profound Rite of Passage on Earth. At the Winter Solstice, 6:11 am on December 21st, we will honor the incoming Light of the Solstice and tune into the powerful Galactic alignment taking place as the Mayan Calendar and the old astrological cycles come to an end and we welcome a whole New Era on Planet Earth. On Saturday, December 22nd, bringing together the talent and energy of our local community, we will attune to what we are each ready to birth forth as we celebrate the birthing of the New Earth and this most powerful passage into the Aquarian and Golden Age!

The seeding for Birth 2012 came from visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard and is being celebrated by millions of people across our Earth. During this two day gathering we will be featuring: sacred ceremony, meditations, crystal bowl, music, dance, chanting and inspirational talks.

**Check back often for all the details!!! **

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