Flower essences and gem elixirs are the Vibrational or Spirit-Soul essence of particular flowers, and gem stones that have been studied and well researched to heal the emotional, mental, spiritual and soul aspects of the person being treated. They are in liquid form, preserved with brandy and are taken internally under the tongue. They can assist and support any healing work you are doing and are completely harmless.

They originated in the early 1900's in England through the work and research of physicist, Dr. Edward Bach, founder of the Bach Flower Essences. Since this time there are many new flower essence companies creating new species of flower, gem and nature essences.

Dr. Bach believed that dis-ease comes when one is disconnected from their True or Higher Self, their Soul's Purpose and destiny, and a Higher Power or Divine Universal Source. He believed that when one is connected in these areas of life there is a natural state of health and well-being on all levels.

I have been working with flower essences since 1981, both in my personal and professional life and have found them to be such a blessing. It is such a gift to be able to work with the “Spirit” and “Soul” of nature in such a beautiful, honoring, loving and conscious way. I have found them to help bring such deep healing, insight, awareness and gentle but profound healing to those who are open and ready to heal.

In a flower/gem essence consultation, I will create a specialized “remedy” (a unique combination of nature, flower and gem essences) to suit your specific individual needs. I do this after we have spent time discussing your current emotional, mental and spiritual state of being as well as any feelings, conflicts, internal and external struggles you are having. As we get to the core of the issues you are dealing with, it becomes clear what specific essences will best assist your healing process at this time. Then I will dowse the essences that seem apparent, as you hold them, to get further validation and to hone in on the specific essences to include in your remedy. The remedies usually last 3-5 weeks, during which time you will keep close awareness of what you are experiencing, dreaming and feeling. Often the remedies work in layers, and many insights and energetic shifts begin to occur. At that time we will re-evaluate the remedy and adjust the remedy if necessary.

To set up an appointment for a Flower /Gem Essence Consultation please call: (207) 653-7823 or (207) 883-1081 email: This can be done by phone or in person. For more information about Flower Essence Therapy please visit the Article Archives and the article on Flower Essence Therapy.

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