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Spiritual Therapy Astrology

“Perspectives  from the Sky” is a regular entry in Spiritual Renaissance publication. It  contains philosophical and social comment, political and world event analysis,  astrological thought, and a seasonal astrological forecast

2010:  Big Changes

2010 will be a year of great change.  Rightfully so, the year begins with a swirl of huge waves of transformation on New Year’s Eve. That day there will be a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon T-Square. This gives us a “signature” for the coming year ahead, a most powerful sign of big changes.
Soon thereafter, on January 15th, there is a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees.  Powerful new beginnings are initiated.  Events that occur surrounding this New Moon may feel fated.

Winter 2009/2010 will bring in events that will clear the way for even greater events in the spring and summer of 2010.  As we said, the Lunar Eclipse of New Year’s Eve creates a powerful symbol for the New Year.
The last time there was a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn at 25 degrees, was on January 15th, 1991, EXACTLY 19 years prior.  On that day, Desert Storm was begun by attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces in Kuwait, in order to drive them out. The New World Order was formed with many nations, mainly western nations, in order to give license to the attack.  This New World Order continues today as a huge Empire controlling much of the world’s reality.
There may not be an event as dramatic as that this year, but you can expect there to be issues of the USA dramatically using its power in the world around this time period.  This is because the USA Pluto from its natal chart of July 4th, 1776 is close to 25 degrees of Capricorn.  This power is based on the economy and military, and changes with these institutions will be happening now.  
There are other strong astrological aspects in the winter, including Mars being retrograde for most of the winter  season and Jupiter moving into Pisces for much of 2010 (see winter forecast below).
2009 brought us big change.  The economy went firmly into recession then, one of the biggest economic downturns ever.   Barack Obama, the first mixed race person to do so, became president of the USA.    Americans and citizens of the world went into a new phase of our lives. 2009 was just the beginning of this new phase, of these big changes.  For many there was an earthquake of consciousness shifting with the election of Obama.   For others, with home values going down, retirement programs threatened, and jobs being lost; their faith in a solid, prosperous, and unchangeable USA and world economy suffered immeasurably.
Our “normal” way of seeing our world started to change in 2009.   Many never thought they would doubt the very foundations of our economy.  Many never imagined in their wildest dreams a man of black African origins named Barack Hussein Obama could ever be President of the USA.  These changes are only the beginning of our perceptions and lives changing in big ways. 2010 will bring even bigger changes into our lives.
There will be many crises that will help us to face our souls and set deeper priorities around the values that are most meaningful to us.  The security systems we have relied on will be threatened and we will be forced to make big transformational changes to the institutions we have relied on.  Climate change, economic challenges,  military crises, and  local social service needs will test our collective resolve.  We will learn that the old ways of dealing with such problems no longer work, and we will need to look at these issues with new ideas, and new creative solutions.  
The Universe has only begun to show us events that will help us to change our collective consciousness and lives, so we can be aligned with the Aquarian Age we are inexorably moving into.
Since we are only 3 years away from the Mayan new world date of December 21st, 2010, and only 11 years away from my estimation of the beginning of the Aquarian Age in December of 2020; it is easy to see that changes need to accelerate in order to get us where we need to go in our consciousness and lives.
President Obama is becoming a big disappointment for many progressives who are restless for real and deep transformational change in this country and world.  Keep in mind that true change comes from the wheels of the Universe and our collective human will, certainly not from one person alone. 
Obama’s presence is tiny in comparison to the power of the Military/Industrial complex of the empire of wealthy people of the world.  He can only make so much change and cannot realistically do more.
But the power of the Empire is small in relationship to the Universe. As the Universe brings in more strong waves of transformational change to our human Earth world, the Empire changes, the world changes, America changes, Obama changes, and each of us change.
There will be more and more surprises in 2010.  Many new happenings will not be pleasant, as the recent economic downturn does not feel good to many people.  But we each can make the ride more graceful by letting go of fear and resistance, and learning to dance with the changes. 
This does not mean we accept what the world presents us to be our reality; instead we do accept what the Universe presents us, that is a bigger picture.
For instance, let’s imagine that a new war is ignited in Iran, as will probably happen in 2010 or 2011 at the latest.  Is this the new age that we are accepting, a world of more wars?   No, of course not.    But in the bigger picture, it would be part of the breakdown of an old world and its old ways, and a reshuffling of the balance of power in the world.
What do each of us do?  We let go of our connection to that old world.  If we are told that this new war is necessary to protect the USA, we question this and go to our deeper values which are connected to the New Age of Aquarius.
We question by remembering Viet Nam and how we were told it was to protect American interests.  We remember Iraq and how we were told we were protecting USA interests because Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, which was a lie.
It is so important during the big changes coming our way to let go of old attitudes and beliefs connected to a toxic culture from an old age. We each have been conditioned to think and feel in certain ways our families and society have taught us to think and feel.   Those ways will not serve us as we go though the transformation into a New Age.
The Old Age religions taught us guilt, fear, rigid moral laws, and judgmental ways at looking at ourselves and others.  Many families have conditioned us to not trust ourselves and our own hearts and minds.  Our society teaches us to look down on the cultures of other peoples who we do not understand. We are taught that war is OK against our enemies, who we demonize instead of understanding our common humanity.
These are all part of the old paradigm that needs to be let go of.    Questioning can cause great stress as we let go of certain feelings of security that come with our attachments to the teachings of our family, religion, and nation.
But the only real security can be found deep in our heart and soul, where all our true connections reside.  By connecting to that deep inner voice, we know we will be alright no matter what. We know we will find the information we need when we need it.  We know we will meet the right people just when we need them on our spiritual path. We know we will be in the right place at the right time if we just trust this deep inner voice.
When we are so aligned and connected, we know all is aligned and connected. We see signs and symbols lighting our way. We witness synchronicities letting us know the Universe is alive in us and in our world.  We are guided to better mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.  
We are shown truth and shown where love resides.  We know we will be taken care of, as we learn to love ourselves more.
So much from the old world has taught us to trust the authorities from that world more than our own wisdom. Trusting without questioning those old authorities keeps you imprisoned within the walls of the old world.  Trusting your own wisdom allows you to find the Universe within, God within, and connection to the natural waves of change.  
The Powers that Be are mounting  “evidence” that Iran is an evil nation and needs to be punished.  This will likely in turn erupt into Middle East chaos in Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria, and reverberate in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The whole world will change in huge ways as a result.  Most prophecies, including biblical ones expect the New Age shift to be ignited in the Middle East and Jerusalem.
The old paradigm of dominance and abuse of power will begin to end as we witness the horror of these old ways.  We are moving into a world of equality and connection, thus the old ways of making some more privileged and dominant than others will end.  Each of us is learning that we are all connected, that all is connected, and only this consciousness will save us and bring us into a New Age.
The world economy is also based on such dominance and privilege.  We are all conditioned to believe it is “normal” for some to be rich and privileged while others are poor. This will change, and the big changes coming our way in the economy will eventually help us to do so.  New economic systems will be built to make all on Earth more equal to one another.
Some of the big times for shakeup and change are good to note.  During the early part of 2010 we will experience two strong eclipses in a row. Saturn square Pluto has its second pass on January 31st.   Saturn and Pluto bring destruction and release of the old and clear the way for new waves of change. So expect shakeups to occur from late December to the middle of February at least.

Early spring brings the theme of chaos and order to our world as Saturn opposes Uranus. Old ways will be breaking down, causing events that are more out of control; and governments will be using disproportionate means to keep the order.
Early summer brings us a very powerful Lunar Eclipse Grand Cross Full Moon on June 26th, which shows us a summer of incredible changes.  There is an abundance of propound aspects in the summer of 2010 and Carl Johan Calleman,  an expert on the Mayan Calendar, points to July 17th, 2010 as a most important turning point toward a New World.
What will happen this year will help us let go of old ways that no longer serve us and help us bring in new ways aligned with an Aquarian Age of connections, of authentic individuals, all equal in rights and value, in community with one another, connected to the natural waves of the Universe.
Some will let fear take over their consciousness and will cling to the old ways and beliefs.  Others will deal with their fears appropriately, go deeper inside to connect, and move with the changes.
Expect this year 2010 to be a big turning point in our journey into an Aquarian Age.  We each choose, through the challenges we are presented with, to dedicate ourselves to the values and principles that have always inspired our human condition and helped us to evolve, or to fall prey to our fears and desperations.



Perspectives from the Sky
Astrological Forecast for
Winter 2008-2009


Please keep in mind that the following forecast is like a “weather report”, and is meant to have readers get attuned to shifts and changes in our world.

This forecast is also meant to assist in the process of breaking out of the box of societal programs of thought that limit the ability to think and feel for one self.  There are natural cycles and energies that run through our lives and psyches, and this forecast is an attempt to assist us to be in touch with these cycles, and to better understand that process, not make fated predictions.  Remember that astrological truth is based on the sacred wisdom “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW”, AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT”, which is where the interweaving world of meaningful symbols and synchronicity reside.

2010 will be an especially intense and transformational year. There are more important and powerful aspects than I have seen in many years.  Winter 2009/2010 begins with Mars going retrograde, symbolic of re-directing our lives.   And on New Year’s Eve 2009/2010 there is a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon T-square with Saturn and Pluto in the formation. This is a strong signifier of the New Year ahead.  This eclipse is followed by a Solar Eclipse New Moon on January 15.  These eclipses bring a profound meaning to our New Year 2010.  It will be a doozy.

December 20th, 2009- Mars Retrograde

Mars goes retrograde the day before the solstice and will stay retrograde for about 10 weeks, until March 10th 2010. During this time period we re-direct our lives, our wants and desires, our assertiveness and wills.   It may feel in some ways as if we are putting some things on hold until we get more clarity as to what we really want.  Old issues of anger can come up from the past.  

In the greater world during this retrograde period, issues of war will likely intensify. Watch especially what happens with Iran and Israel and Afghanistan/Pakistan during the retrograde period. Two eclipses during this period will shake things up.

Since Mars is in Leo during this retrograde period, you may feel compelled to reexamine your creative endeavors. Your priorities will likely change during this retrograde period, and you will gain more sense of direction after Mars goes back direct on March 10th.


December 21st
Winter Solstice 12:47 PM EST
Sun Moves into Capricorn

Winter Solstice is one of the four major turning points of the year, the beginning of new seasons.  Winter begins now and solstice is the time of most darkness of the year. The light begins to increase more and more every day now until the Spring Equinox when light and dark are equal.

Winter Solstice brings the Sun into Capricorn. Capricorn shows us life can be cold and hard, and that we sometimes have to just deal with the cards we have drawn in life.  We have to do what we need to do, not always do what we want.  Capricorn is serious, but so often has a great sense of humor, as humor really breaks up the heaviness and gravity.

The Capricorn sense of “doing what you need to do” gives them motivation to discipline, organize and take responsibility.

We should be able to feel and witness the beginning winds of the eclipses blowing in now.   Watch world events closely now,  as things begin to heat up.
Winter Alert

We are entering a very intense zone now, as Mercury goes retrograde, and soon thereafter there are two eclipses.  Things may feel “a bit out of sorts” now, less predictable and stable.  Think of it as if an energetic storm is rolling in.  Events and feelings will intensify, and change is moving in.

December 26th -Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde brings its fogs of perception into our lives for the next three weeks.  It synchronizes this time with two approaching eclipses.  We have entered the Twilight Zone of changing reality and perception.  Mercury will go back direct on January 15th.      

December 31st- Lunar Eclipse T-Square Full Moon Capricorn/Cancer 2:13 PM EST

All Full Moons show us the Sun and Moon opposite one another in the heavens.  In this case the Sun is in Capricorn opposite the Moon in Cancer.  As this is also a lunar eclipse, the Earth will be between them- shadowing the Sun’s light from the Moon.  The normal energies of a Full Moon are made exponentially more powerful when it is part of an eclipse.  
A T-square Full Moon is formed as Saturn in Libra is in square to the Full Moon.  Transformational Pluto will be conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon in the Full Moon alignment.  This T-Square brings in added tensions, like being pulled in many directions.  All planets are in Cardinal signs, showing us a thrust into new phases of life.
The winds of change are getting stronger and feelings of “normal” are more difficult to maintain. Capricorn and Cancer together represent stability and safety, and this will be challenged in people’s lives.  Our accepted security structures are being transformed.  If security structures in your personal life are losing their spirit and passion, and instead have become empty vessels, it may be time to let them go.  If you feel depressed and without joy and passion, then you may need to consider transforming the parts of your life that lack spirit and meaning.

January 13th -Saturn Retrograde

Saturn is the planet that shows us the limitations inflicted upon our human free spirits and nature.  Things begin and end, life has certain boundaries.  Time is one of our most important limitations, but of course it helps us to build and accomplish, as does Saturn.  So now Saturn slows down, gets stationary, then changes from direct to retrograde.   As it does so we feel its energies.  Expect that you will feel more serious now and perhaps also more dedicated to achievement and responsibility.

January 15th-Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn 2:11 AM EST
January 15th - Mercury Direct

After all the disruptions, shakeups, breakdowns, breakthroughs, revelations, confusions, glitches and challenges of this Mercury Retrograde, Mars Retrograde, Eclipse period; we now get ready for powerful new beginnings.  For many this means some huge project or endeavor is being started or will be started within the next couple of months.  For others something has been dropped in your lap that you did not count on or choose.

In the USA natal chart this eclipse is conjunct the USA Pluto.  Pluto is the USA power, as seen through its Military/Industrial complex.  The last time there was an eclipse at this place in the zodiac was 19 years ago, in January 1991.  That was the day the USA launched Desert Storm, a war meant to extricate Saddam Hussein and Iraq from Kuwait.  You can expect now a big turn of events with the USA economy or military.  Perhaps there is important news on the war fronts in Afghanistan, another war is brewing; or the economy has just shown it is getting much better or much worse.

In personal lives it is a good time to begin new projects, to begin building something that will last a long time, or to make a commitment to something or someone important for your life

Mercury goes direct this day also, which means clarity is about to form; but not for a few days.  A changing-directions day for Mercury, while an eclipse erupts, means perception can be foggy and events can be challenged by glitches and problems.   

January 17th - Jupiter enters Pisces

Jupiter moves into Pisces, where it will mostly stay for the next year.  Jupiter expands and in Pisces it expands the water element.  The water element is depth, feelings, soul, insight, and spirituality. On the material plane Pisces water is oceans and outer space.  The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was in 1998.  Expansion (Jupiter) of the ocean (Pisces) occurred with an earthquake- invoked Tsunami in Papua, New Guinea, which destroyed 10 villages killing over 2000 people.  The Yangtse River disaster happened in 1998 also, as levees broke open and the river broke through its main bank. Over 20,000 people were killed. Speaking of expansion of the ocean- interestingly, the Titanic movie won the Oscar for Best Picture that year. 1998 brought many outer space events including John Glenn returning to space at age 77 and missions that found that one of Jupiter’s Moons had an “ocean of water”, and that our Moon likely had enough water in some of the craters to support future human colonies.  Look for many water and outer space events in 2010, especially so because Uranus joins Jupiter in Pisces. 

Also in 1998 President Clinton was impeached for his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky and his subsequent cover up.   And Al Qaeda pulled off monstrous attacks on the USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania which killed 224 people.

2010 is a good year to explore your depths spiritually and psychologically, to nurture and feed your soul’s needs, to get healings or therapy.


January 18th -Venus enters Aquarius
January 19th -Sun enters Aquarius

On January 18th –19th the Sun and Venus enter Aquarius.   Big egos deflate and group efforts prevail.  Aquarius is socially conscious, not focused on the self and its needs so much.  Nevertheless, Aquarius is an interesting sign, in that it is quite individualized while still being group focused.  It cares about the needs of the individual to be free and independent, but is so concerned with the greater social needs also.   Interestingly, while Aquarius is community and group oriented, it usually does not feel it fits in any groups.  Aquarius is very unusual, some would say strange, as they are outside the box of commonality.  They also have strong principles they firmly believe in.

Be aware that the 2nd Saturn/Pluto square is only about 10 days away and heavier energies are getting stronger.

January 23rd -2nd quarter Moon in Taurus

This second quarter Moon in Taurus is the first marking point since the Solar Eclipse New Moon on January 15th. This could represent a turning point, a crisis point in reference to that Eclipse.  The Moon in Taurus suggests a resistance to what was initiated then.

January 30th-Full Moon Aquarius/Leo conjunct Mars 1:18 AM EST

This Full Moon brings to climax or some resolution to what began at the eclipse on January 15th.  Strong personalities seek to rally a nation or community or groups.

January 31st-Saturn square Pluto

This is the 2nd pass of Saturn square Pluto. The first pass was on November 15th, 2009.   This aspect seeks to break down and destroy, to release the old and make room for a new phase of life.  So release what you need to let go of, as painful as it may be.

February 13th -New Moon in Aquarius
9:51 PM EST
February 14th -Sun conjunct Chiron/Neptune
February 17th -Neptune conjunct Chiron

There is a New Moon in Aquarius and a Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius conjunction now. Socially conscious and principled endeavors are best to work on now.    Move beyond your ego and your own needs and connect with others who also want to contribute as you do.   Stand up for what you believe in.    You may think you are alone in your idealism, but there are many more like you.   And more and more we all need to have our voices heard for real change.

Also look for UFO events to become more and more important now and in the future.   More and more people are looking to the skies to find salvation.   The heavens are not just where stars and planets reside.   There are worlds and beings who are getting closer to our heretofore closed reality.




February 18th -Sun enters Pisces

As the Sun enters Pisces we enter our last month of the winter season. It is time to let go and surrender, to release, to heal.  Spring is coming soon. Pisces is at its best when surrendered, calm, in the flow, and trusting.  It is at its worst when its natural sensitivity and dreaminess turn into escapism, passivity, and victimization.  Use this month to get in touch with your feelings and soul, to gain empathy and even compassion for others.   Face whatever inner ghosts, fears, and guilt you have from your past; then do your best to heal the wounds and release the past.  This will get you ready for renewal in the spring, which is coming up soon.

February 28th -Sun conjuncts Jupiter, Full Moon Pisces/Virgo

The normally mellow and low energy Pisces/Virgo Full Moon adds some zest and positive energy as Jupiter conjuncts the Sun and opposes the Moon.  Use this spiritual full moon to make your life more simple, and decide how better to be of service to humanity and God.

March 7th -Venus enters Aries

As Venus leaves devoted Pisces for assertive Aries,  our relationship orientation changes also.  We now are more concerned with our own needs and our own independence.  We are more able to assert ourselves and speak to what bothers us.

March 10th -Mars Direct

Yea- Mars finally goes back direct. Whatever you have been putting on hold is now ready to start up. It is time to turn on the ignition even if you are not ready to accelerate yet.   Do you now know where you are going and what you want?  Do you find it easier to assert yourself? If not now,  perhaps very soon.

March 20th -Spring Equinox Sun in Aries

Winter is officially over now, even if the weather says otherwise.  Soon buds will come out of branches, as Aries energies forcefully penetrate into existence.  Finally day, light, yang energies have caught up to dark, night, yin energies. Dark and light are even, but light is increasing and will be at its zenith on Summer Solstice.   


Leo Knighton Tallarico has been a full-time professional astrologer, counselor, writer & philosopher for over 22 years.

Leo is available for astrological consultations and on-going counseling and can be reached at: (207) 653-7717,
soulus@aol.com, or at: www.spritualrenaisssance.com


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