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About Us  
Deborah Knighton Tallarico
El'elia Jahmika Christos
Planetary Priestess, Spiritual Counselor, Psychotherapist & Healer, Ceremonialist & Group Facilitator, Inspirational Writer,
Divine Feminine Emissary & Way-Shower for the New Earth.
Co-Director of the Spiritual Renaissance Center
LCPC: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
MA: Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
BSW: Bachelor of Social Work Degree
Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist
Gem & Flower Essence Practitioner
Ordained Priestess: Fellowship of Isis
Certified Tantric Heart Practitione
Deborah has been a spiritual psychotherapist, counselor, healer and planetary priestess, a sacred guide and mid-wife for the Soul for over 30 years. During this time she has worked in various counseling and healing centers and has been in private practice since 1986 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Fe, New Mexico and now in South Portland, Maine where she co-directs the Spiritual Renaissance Center with her husband Leo. She is also a Divine Healing Channel and Emissary for the Divine Feminine, a Way-Shower for the New Earth Consciousness and for the awakening of Love, Peace and Unity on Planet Earth.
Leo Knighton Tallarico
Co-Director of Spiritual Renaissance Center
Professional Astrologer
Transformational Counselor and Spiritual Guide
Founder: Spiritual Therapy Astrology

Leo grew up in Chicago where he managed and promoted Silva Mind Control Classes (focused meditation for psychic development) for the Midwest United States. This is also where he began his study of astrology, metaphysics, and psychology. In 1985, while in Madison, Wisconsin, he became a full-time professional astrologer, and in 1986 became accredited by the Professional Astrologers Incorporated, after having passed extensive examination.

Later that year, he relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where he soon created Spiritual Therapy Astrology, a combination of psychological counseling, spiritual guidance and astrological wisdom. Leo then became staff counselor and trainer for Suicide Prevention in Berkeley. He was also a member of the Spiritual Emergence Network, begun by psychologists Stanislav and Christina Grof, an organization that assisted people through spiritual crisis, honoring each person's unique spiritual journey and experience.

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884 Broadway, South Portland, Maine 04106 contact: Deborah: moonsoul9@aol.com   Leo: soulus@aol.com
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