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Earth in Unified Field


We are at a major crossroads, admist a profound shift and transformation on Planet Earth.

Josephine Wall: Millenium Tree
Millenium Tree by Josephine Wall

Each of us is aware of this transition
in our own lives, in our own way.

Many of us are experiencing
an awakening deep within.

The old ways of being and doing no longer fit or
speak to our minds, hearts, souls or spirits,
and we long for meaning and higher purpose in our lives.

We long to break out of the old boxes and paradigms that no longer
resonate with Who we really Are.

We long to express our Authentic Self and join together in sacred
community with others in our human family.

that resonates with our minds, hearts and souls.
Here at the Spiritual Renaissance Center, we believe that there is
great hope for our human family and Planet Earth, and we hold a clear
vision for this healing and
transformation process as we move into
the New Earth Consciousness and Golden Age of Aquarius.

We view this process as a journey of bringing our bodies, minds,
hearts, souls and spirits into harmony, unity and balance, and
integrating the opposites and polarities within
so that we can move beyond duality and separation.

Yin and yang, feminine and masculine,
light and dark, are meant to co-exist peacefully
within us and within our world as it is
revealed each day in nature all around us.

It is also important that we come into alignment
and deep relationship with our Spirit and Soul,
and take back the projections we place upon others.

Everything we see without,
is a reflection of what is within.
As Within, So Without. As Above, So Below.

There are no enemies “out there” only reflections of ourselves that
need healing and love. Once we realize this and learn to have deep
compassion and love for all aspects of ourselves, and thus ALL beings,
we will truly find inner and outer
Peace on Earth.

It is time to heal and transform the deep, ancient
archetypal wounds that have brought suffering
to our Souls and Humanity for generations.

As we heal and transform, we bring healing to all
those around us and to Planet Earth.
As we truly are ONE People, ONE Earth, ONE Heart!
We are all in this together and until ALL of us are free
of suffering, none of us really are.

At the Spiritual Renaissance Center, and throughout this
web-site, we are devoted to inspiring others during this profound
transition and offer a FREE e-newsletter, weekly astrological blog,
ceremonies and workshops to address this change and the
to address this change and the
powerful healing process we find ourselves in.

Through our services, we are dedicated to guiding other Souls through
these healing, purification and transformational times and offer
ourselves in service to those of you who are at a crossroads,
in a spiritual awakening and or healing crisis in your lives.

In the I Ching, a Crisis is a
great opportunity for CHANGE.
Just as our Collective Human Family
is at a crossroads and healing crisis,
so are we as individuals.
We are in the midst of Great CHANGE and a
profound TRANSFORMATION of Consciousness.

We are here to support you through this passage;
to help you feel empowered and whole again;
to help you feel connected to your own natural rhythms and the rhythms
of nature and the Universe, here to help you find
balance and peace of heart, mind and spirit.

May our professional services and this web-site provide you with
Inspiration, Hope and a New Vision for the Evolution of Consciousness
on Earth.

May we be a Beacon of Light in the Storm.

In Love, Truth and Unity,
Deborah El'elia and Leo Knighton Tallarico




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